Hi, I'm Lexi. I'm gonna take it from here now. Thanks. How's your day been going? ... Oh, not so good? Well, just so you know, I'm always here for you ❤

I am Indian, a minor, pansexual, and I go by 'she/her' pronouns. I am also diagnosed with vertigo and sometimes, I might pass out-.

And I'm a Pisces- so uh- yeah. I spend most of my day crying and just spamming people. I'm basically bored- that's why

I like writing, reading, singing, Wattpad, fictional people, my crushes (duh), Taylor Swift and Blackpink. I also like people who care for me, but sometimes, they break my heart.

I hate people who are racist, problematic, anti-LGBTQIAP+, misogynists, negrophobes, xenophobes, anyone who has a problem with the people I stan.

I'm an introvert (insfp-t), miraculer, slytherin, potterhead, and I love mcu. And if you want, you can pm me for my discord.

I love Taylor Swift, All the BLACKPINK members, Madison Beer, Alec Benjamin, Olivia Rodrigo, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Sabrina Carpenter, Conan Gray. If you are a hater, please leave.

Before you follow me, I wanted to tell you that I flirt a lot (only with people i like), I cuss a lot, you'll see me arguing sometimes, I feel sad a lot, I overshare and I am very sarcastic.

And, Do not follow if you support anyone I hate, transphobic, problematic. (if you listen to Kanye West it's ok, but if you hate Taylor Swift I'll kill you).

I died on the 14th of June, 2021. Yes, this is my ghost. I love coming back from the dead sometimes.

I decided to leave the world with lots of regret, hate, panic, and anxiety attacks.

Don't copy my actions, please. I regret them too. I miss everything.